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Vendor Terms and Conditions

All Vendors are also subject to these Terms and Conditions -->  https://unexplainable.com/terms 


Vendor Product Guidelines

We do not allow physical products. All products must be electronically delivered. Some examples are MP3's, Videos, Programs, Reports, Charts, Readings, Pictures, etc. We will also allow products which have no physical delivery, such as "Spells".

The site has 2 options for vendors..

1. Instant Download after purchase-  Lets say for example you are selling a meditation guide. You would need to zip the guide inside a zip file and upload it when creating the product. The site will take care of delivery. All instant downloads MUST be in a zip file.

2. Prepared Products-  These are such things as Psychic readings, Tarot Readings, Astrology Reports, Spells, etc. These can not be instantly delivered, as they need to be prepared first. You will need to create a "Thank you Page" in your vendor panel. The customer will be directed here after purchase. Thank You Pages must confirm the purchase, collect any needed information to complete the order, and inform the buyer what to expect. You MUST deliver the customer's download within 72 hours from the time you receive all required information from the customer. 

When selling a prepared product, it is MANDATORY to clearly state how delivery works on your sales page. You MUST tell all viewers they will receive their finished product in under 72 hours..  Failure to deliver products may result in termination and loss of accrued funds.

Vendor Customer Support

You MUST support your customers. We instruct viewers and customers to first contact the product vendor for any needed help. If you can not satisfy them, you are to inform them to open a "Dispute" in their User Panel. We will take it from there.

Promotion Guidelines

We encourage all vendors to promote their shop. We recommend using an affiliate link in your promotions so if a customer buys other products, you make affiliate commission also! Most Popular Vendor Shops can earn a spot on the main page!

Promoting via Social Media, Search Engines, Buying Advertising, Mailing lists etc is all fine as long as it's done ethically. You are NOT to spam forums, Send unsolicited emails, send bot traffic, or use any blackhat traffic technique. We will catch you if you attempt to defraud us. Basically, if your promotion technique reflects poorly on the site, we will take action. Pretty straight forward- you play fair, we play fair.

Vendor Commission Structure

Vendors set a sales price and affiliate commission percentage when creating a product. This will be the price listed to customers on the website for that individual product. We do not deduct any money from your initial sales, but we do have a withdraw charge explained in the withdraw section below..

We also run an affiliate program which vendors specify how much commission they are paying to affiliates between 10% and 90% per sale. Your sales may be referred by an affiliate. We have done this long enough to know that to make money, we need to pay affiliates well. When setting your price, take into account what you are giving to affiliates.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Chargebacks

We guarantee all products with a 30 day guarantee. In the event of a customer dispute, we encourage vendors to try to solve the issue with the customer by offering support or exchanging the product with another product  from your store. If this can not be done, you are to instruct the customer to open a "Dispute" in their "user panel". We will take it from there.

If we end up refunding or offering store credit to the customer, the order will be marked as "Refunded". Both the Vendor and Affiliate will lose commission for the sale. Because Paypal does not refund processing fees, there will be a $3 penalty taken from your next withdraw request per refund or exchange occurrence.

Chargebacks incur a much heftier penalty from the payment processors and reflect poorly on the business. Chargebacks are treated the same way as a refund, except the vendor penalty is $20, which is deducted from your next vendor withdraw. If a vendors chargeback or refund rate becomes obsessive, we will step in to meditate. We may require you to take action to lower the rate. Suspension and termination is also possible.

Withdraws / Fees

Since we do not deduct Paypal processing fees or anything else from your sales, we lump all fees together and take a flat 15% + $2 processing fee for each vendor withdraw request. Paypal charges a processing fee up to 4.4% + a fixed fee. Other programs deduct these fees from each sale, but we prefer to just set a total percentage to make it easier. Remember, we are paying for servers, scripting, platform development, traffic, etc. You will receive 85% of your withdraw request minus a $2 processing fee.

We only pay vendors through Paypal currently. You may submit a withdraw requests 7 days apart from the last withdraw if your payout after the hold balance, penalties, and withdraw fees is over $25 . We will process your payment within 72 hours from the requested date. 60% of your sale commissions will be paid to you upon withdraw. We retain the other 40% for 30 days from the withdraw date before being released. This is to protect against refunds within the 30 day guarantee. In the event a refund occurs, that commission refunded will be deducted from your hold balance or taken from your current balance if all hold balances are exhausted.

Here is an example: 
You earn $60 from a sale. You now withdraw that $60..  We hold 40% of that withdraw ($24) for 30 days and release the remaining 60% ($36) to you. We deduct a withdraw fee of 15% ($5.40) + $2 per withdraw. Your first payout will be $28.60 to your paypal. After 30 days, you can withdraw the $24 hold balance. The 15% withdraw fee will be deducted leaving you with $20.40. We do not deduct the $2 charge on hold balance withdraws, only on primary withdraws.  When all completed, you would have received $49 total, which is exactly your commission minus 15% + $2 withdraw charge. Any Paypal fees for accepting payment is your responsibility.

Affiliate Program

We do run an affiliate program where the vendor must set an affiliate percentage between 10% to 90% of each product.  Affiliate cookies last 60 days. Vendors can not opt-out of this. We have done this long enough to know that we have to pay affiliates well to be successful. Keep this in mind and price your products accordingly.

Calculations / Errors

The system has underwent drastic testing to ensure calculations are correct. We are not out to steal your money. If you feel there has been a calculation error, you may contact us and provide exact breakdowns and we will investigate. You understand Unexplainable.Com has ultimate authority in all aspects of payouts. We can not guarantee there will not be a situation that has not been tested or that everything is bug free. We will act swiftly to correct any bugs that may popup and always operate out of fairness, but to repeat, Unexplainable.Com has ultimate authority in all aspects of payouts.

Tax Reporting

USA based Vendors and Affiliates who earn more than $600 per year will be required to fill out a W9 and receive a 1099 for tax reporting purposes.  Outside the USA, we require a W8 to be filled out along with a picture of your passport or legal identification. If you are about to reach the $600 mark, we will send you the forms via email before releasing payment. It is your obligation to report your own income taxes.

Mailing List
When registering for a vendor account, you will be automatically added to our vendor mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time. We will be sending promotions and information