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Become A Vendor

 Sell Your Metaphysical and Spiritual Downloadable Products On Unexplainable.Com!
Yes- we allow you to sell your own products straight on this site.  This program works as follows;

     1.  Click "SELL" on the top right to register as a vendor
     2.  All products MUST be digital downloads only
     3.  We allow Instant Downloads and manually delivered media (such as psychic readings)
     4.  All products MUST be related to Spiritual or Metaphysical topics
     5.  You MAY NOT sell Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones
     6.  All payments currently go through Paypal
     7.  All products will have a 30 day refund guarantee
     8.  You MUST support your customers and answer questions
     9.  You MAY request to withdrawal funds weekly
     10.  You Should promote your own shop

We also run an affiliate program, where affiliates can sell your products.  Vendors can choose how much to pay affiliates on each product. Your affiliate commission can be set anywhere between 10% to 90%.

We recommend all vendors to send hits through an affiliate link, so if your referral purchases something from another vendor, you make additional money!

To start, just register HERE https://unexplainable.com/user/login and activate your Vendor Account from within!

Once you are registered, look to the bottom of the left menu and click the "Start Selling" button to begin setting up your shop!

Read our full vendor terms here- https://unexplainable.com/vendor-terms