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Spirit Guide Isochronic

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Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are a team of divine helpers who help us in accomplishing the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. They direct and nudge to get us to our destiny. Everything in our life happens for a reason and they know exactly what the reason is. Everyone is assigned spirit guides at a higher dimension right before we reaped in our mortal form, and started our journey as humans. Spirit guides are constantly interacting with us, we just need to acknowledge and allow them to step in with our free will, ask the right questions, and be ready to receive answers. They may lead us by implanting thoughts in our minds, nudge us to take a spontaneous action that may not make sense at the time, or make us experience synchronicities in our life. They’re present In a higher vibration and are connected to the light, which is why we don’t see them in our physical realm. There are several different types of spiritual divines, but the 2 key types are primary and secondary spirit guides. Primary spirit guides are the ones who are connected to you since birth, they know your soul, they are aware of your life’s destiny, who is one with you, and stay with you until you pass from the physical world. Secondary spirit guides fade in and out of your life, they may be spirits who have had physical incarnations, or spirits who have never taken corporeal form. They come in at the time they are needed the most and guide us to stay focused on our life’s purpose.

The Difficulties

The biggest obstacle that stops us from connecting to our spirit guides, is ourselves. Connecting with spirit guides requires us to surrender, and vibrate at a higher frequency. It means to detach from quandaries or troubles that exist in our physical world, letting go, and just being present. This, however, can be difficult as we’re living in a complex world and constantly surrounded by chaos, which is why our mind keeps wandering off to these material whispers. While on the other hand, if and when we are just in the right mindset to explore our spiritual side, our ‘ego’ can lay a pitfall by muttering that it knows the best.

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  • Christopher Honley

    1 year ago

    I have listened to Spirit Guide' a few times now and it seems to sound different each time I listen too it. Maybe I experience it differently each time or maybe it's unexplainable. I do think it is all excellent though. I have high hopes for this recording.

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