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Manifestation Isochronic Tone Recording

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Manifestation is drawing things that have the same vibration that we put our energies into, through our thoughts, beliefs, or feelings. Whatever you put your focus on, you attract it in the material realm. It puts light on the law of attraction and that the world is a reflection of ourselves. In this vibrational world, everything has its own energy, which is why whatever frequency we set the radio of our energy to, we align to the same station. When we are in perfect alignment with the Universe, it flows to us and through us. We will encounter more synchronicities that are intuitive nudges to take action that help co-create our desires.

Manifestation is a process of channeling all your energy and concentration into seeing your desire with your mind’s eye. This can be achieved through focus, meditation, visualization, or by using the power of the subconscious. We are one with the universe and constantly manifesting consciously or unconsciously. Thoughts you are aware of, feelings that come with it, or the images you aren’t conscious of are rigorously creating your life. As humans, we only want to manifest things that have a positive impact on our lives, and this can be done by practicing and mastering manifestation techniques.

The Difficulties

The biggest hurdle when it comes to manifesting our desires is the lack of belief. Our intellectual mind asks questions, doubts, and interferes with our spiritual self. This multifarious, rapidly advancing concept of manifestation is then analyzed and disregarded by our brain. Manifestation is also hindered by resistance. This could be a fear the mind is holding onto, negative thoughts that are trapped in your subconscious, or a puerile fear that stops you from trusting the universe, being in the flow, and having faith in the process.

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  • Christopher Honley

    1 year ago

    I have listened to 'Manifestation' a few times now and it seem to sound different each time I listen too it. Maybe I experience it differently each time or maybe it's unexplainable. I do think it is excellent though. I have very high hopes for this isochronic recording and will continue to listen to it daily.

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