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Christ Consciousness Isochronic

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Christ Consciousness

Holy images that enter into our conscious minds are sometimes referred to as Christ Consciousness. It is a knowingness sent by the higher self as part of a higher universal system guidance. It does not directly link to the nature of Christ. Christ Consciousness is a nature of awareness in our mind, the understanding that there is a universal and almighty force present with us through our journey, and our ability to form a connecting with this higher power. It is also associated with the ability of being in the present moment, free from any distractions and feeling an emptying of our mind from irrelevant thoughts.

The term is not significantly resonated with any orthodox beliefs, but it was titled after Jesus Christ’s spiritual eminence during his human life. It takes one to be open to the idea of the divine and seek to obtain this experience and mindfulness to become Christ Conscious.

Most methodical teachers have walked in the path of light, divine, knowledge, that often follows with a phase of suffering, and in the end leads to enlightenment. This is not a hidden concept to any one of the orthodox religions, but a general theme amongst many religions. Everyone is capable of this enlightenment and awareness just takes to keep an open mind that helps align with the higher energy. This is Christ Consciousness. 

Consciousness flows to a person with the will, determination, and to someone has the capability to understand and nurture it. Its goal is for people to grow into a more loving, merciful, patient, gentle, accepting, content, by developing a new way of deliberate thinking, This spiritual growth is achieved by aligning the physical and spiritual mind with inner thoughts and feelings that gradually leads to mind with Christ Consciousness.

The Difficulties

Many individuals get a perception of inner battle during their awakening; this is a common effect as your mind begins to adapt to an unconventional way of being.

The human mind has been trained from the beginning to think in reasonable ways, use a rational system, look at commercial contents. Spirit is not material. To think of spirit, one must shed the skin of conventional ways of thinking and advance it in a metaphysical way, cast out the biases and preconceived ideas. This can feel like a difficult journey to commence.

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