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Chakra Balancing Isochronic

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is the process of returning a symphonic and balanced flow of energy across the entire chakra system. The 7 chakras present in the system are distinct energy centers that start at the very base of our essence, i.e the root chakra, and all the way to the top of the head, crown chakra. Chakras are responsible for regulating the elements of your physical system, manage and influence emotional aspects, spiritual engagement, and resistance to anything negative.

When these chakras are blocked, your physical self becomes home to negativity and causes an imbalance in your living. Balancing chakras means to establish an adequate and steady stream of energy where it seems to be short, controlling energy where there’s excess, and aligning the energy where there’s deformity or irregularity.

Once you attune to the location of these 7 chakras, you get skilled at getting intuitions regarding the blockages in your chakras and working with them. Each chakra has its own qualities that link to your life. By mapping your energy flow, you improve the qualities that it is associated with. A balanced chakra system brings stability to the whole system of physical as well as your spiritual being.

The Difficulties

Every chakra runs out of stability at times or receives blockages. These blockages can be minor or significant, but always make you feel physically and emotionally drained and off-put. Even if you master the technique to balance your chakras, you can still experience blockages at times. Even though you can still get your chakras to balance again, it isn’t always possible to figure out what blocked your chakras.

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