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How Isochronic Tones Work

The frequency your brain is vibrating dictates how you perceive reality. If you want to reach an "Altered State Of Consciousness", you have to change your brain's vibration.  This has been a challenge because the ear can only hear between 20-20,000 Hertz. Getting to Alpha, Theta, and Delta was not possible by directly playing these frequencies. Then along came Binaural Beats and eventually Isochronic Tones!

Binaural Beats
The breakthrough came when it was discovered playing two different tones in each ear caused the brain to tune to the difference between them. For instance, if 250 Hertz was played into one ear and 260 Hertz into the other, the brainwaves would tune to the difference between the two, thus causing the brain to vibrate at 10 Hertz. The technology was effective, but required bulky stereo headphones and the sounds could be piercing. Luckily, Isochronic Tones solved those problems....

Isochronic Tones
Truly the most effective technology is Isochronic Tones. Instead of playing two harsh tones, this technology uses equal intensity pulses. To tune your brain to 10 Hertz, you have to pulse equal intensity tones 10 times per second. The constant rhythmic pulsing causes the brain to entrain or sync with the tones. This mind-altering discovery transformed brainwave entrainment as we know it. No more need for bulky stereo headphones and because they work with equal intensity, much of the piercing sounds could be eliminated.

Specific Tuning and Background Sounds
Don't be fooled by all the different vendors out there. We started producing brainwave entrainment sessions back in 2007. And I can show proof..  Click HERE to see.  Since then, many vendors have popped up peddling anything people are willing to buy. Worst of all, is many don't even understand the basics I laid out on this page. I just visited one today that was telling people that 10 Hertz is the distance between the tones..  My Golly..

Using correct frequencies for the task along with soothing background sounds and music is pivotal to reaching the right mindset. It takes many years of experimenting, trial and error, and feedback to produce something worthy. We have 13 years invested in this with countless hours of research, trial, and error. Don't trust your brain to a charlatan.