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How do I download my purchase?

Login to your User Panel.  Click "Purchased Items" on the left menu.  Click "View Order" for full information and download link.

If you are already logged in, you can follow this link https://unexplainable.com/user/orders

Remember- some products need to be prepared and can take up to 72 hours to be delivered. Please read the product descriptions for specifics

What format will my download be?

Some products are delivered instantly, some need time to be prepared.

-  All instant downloads will be available instantly in a ZIP file. 
-  Any prepared item will be delivered within 72 hours from the time you send the vendor any required information.

Please read each product description for specifics to that product

How do I Get a Refund or Exchange?

Exchange Policy- We will issue 100% store credit to your wallet if you are unsatisfied with a purchase. You may open a ticket in your user panel if you need to use this option.

Refund Policy- We will offer a full refund if your product was not received or grossly different from the description. We do keep logs with timestamps of when customers download their purchases. All other refund requests will be subject to a 20% processing fee. In the event you are unhappy, simply contact me and I will offer you 100% store credit.

If you need to use these options, please open a "Dispute" in your user panel.

I did NOT receive your E-mail

Gmail likes to route messages into the "Promotions" tab under "categories". Please check the Promotions Tab, or "All Mail".

Also check your Spam Folder.  Once you find our e-mail, add us to your Contact List and drag our emails to your primary tab so you do not miss anything important.

I Need Help with a product

Please navigate to the sales page where you bought the product and contact the vendor with any questions pertaining to their product.

If you require technical support in regards to payments, site operation, or the likes, please submit a "Ticket" in your user panel.

How do I use the wallet?

You can fund your wallet in your user panel.

When Checking out, you can pay with your wallet funds.  You still must fill out the required information and click "Complete Order".

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

We currently only use Paypal for all transactions.

Can Any Country Purchase?

Yes!  Residents from any country may participate in all our offered services, including purchasing.

Do you charge Sales Tax on purchases?

We only charge sales tax on sales from Pennsylvania, USA. Since we operate out of Pennsylvania, we have to report and pay PA sales tax.

I Can't Open My Product On My Phone

Many products are delivered in zip files.  If your phone doesn't unzip it automatically, simply go to itunes or google play store and get an "Unzipping" app.

Here is my suggestion for which app:

Andriod-  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rarlab.rar&hl=en_US&gl=US

Are You Actually Photographing My Aura?

No. Aura colors are not visible to the eye or lens. Your spiritual energies are always being reflected outward. Our neural engine creates your "Chakra Heatmap" based on the visible representation of your selfie

Why did my aura photo fail?

Although it is possible for our servers to have a hiccup, most failures are caused by a poor selfie. Take these steps to avoid Aura Reading Failure:

   1. Ensure the image is of an actual person
   2. Take your selfie with a plain background
   3. Ensure the image is not upside down or sideways
   4. Use a good quality camera
   5. Use the cropper correctly

After selecting your photo, a cropper will appear.  Use the Zoom Slider to make sure your whole head is in the box. Move the image around till your head is completely shown.  The number 1 reason for failure is bad cropping. 

Does Image Quality Matter?

Yes. clear features will affect the quality of your chakra heatmap, which affects your report. A decent computer webcam is okay, but cell phone camera is recommended. 

I did not receive The Aura Report E-Mail

Our Neural Engine is very complex.  Depending on how many are before you, your report may take several minutes to arrive- . Check your spam and promotions folder. If you are using Gmail, check the "All Mail" tab.

Is This Better Than An In-Person Aura Reading?

Absolutely. In-Person Aura Readers may be able to sense a dominate chakra color at best, and even this is subject to much speculation. Our Aura Viewer gives you individual percentages and eliminates all the outside variables an In-Person reader faces.

Is The Sample Enough To Balance My Aura?

No.  The Free Sample shows you a blended visual of your Chakra Energies, but you will need to know your individual Chakra percentages in order to balance your Aura.  A beautiful Aura does Not mean it's balanced.

Why Do I Need The Upgraded Aura Report?

If you want to balance your Aura, the Upgraded Report has everything you need. You will see all 7 Chakra Percentages, and get the Solfeggio MP3's specifically designed for each individual chakra!

What Is The Suggested Aura Goal?

A Balanced Aura will show each Chakra between 13% and 15%.  And higher and you will be cutting efficiency of another Chakra.  

Is Higher Percentages Good?

Over 15% is not desired.  Over-powered Chakras can lead to negative effects and it also cuts efficiency of other Chakras.

Why does my aura color change on different reports?

Your Aura energies are always changing depending on your mood, mental state, and other factors. We suggest generating a few sample report. Choose the 1 that best represents your average aura color while purchasing the upgraded report.

How Long Till I Get My Aura Report?



We manually approve sample reports multiple times throughout the day, but we ask to allow us 24 hours for delivery.  This is done to preserve server resources, eliminate abuse, and ensure accuracy.

I can barely see my Aura...

Remember- We blend colors based on Chakra percentages.  And we use a White Background on your selfie.  

Some Auras show Vivid and Colorful, Some show darker, and some show a Wispy Faint color.  

A Faint colored Aura does not mean it's bad or weak.  Unlock your individual percentages to get the full picture!

Do you offer an Affiliate Program?

Yes!  When you create a user account, you will have the option of enrolling as an affiliate or vendor within your user panel.  Residents of any country may become a vendor or affiliate.

What Is the Affiliate Percentage?

Vendors specify affiliate percentages for each product anywhere between 10% to 90%.  To see commission percentages on individual products, login as an affiliate and visit the product's sales page.  Each product page lists the affiliate commission. You can only see this information if you are logged in as an affiliate.

Note..  See FAQ Regarding What Commission The Website Takes.

Can I Earn Multiple Commissions?

Absolutely!  You earn commission for every product your referrals purchase within 60 days.  If your customer's cart has multiple items, you earn on all items. If your referral comes back and buys several times, you get credit for all of them.

Can I Link To Individual Products?

Absolutely! Log in as an affiliate and navigate to the product pages.  You will see affiliate percentages and linking code for each product. Link to any product and you will receive commission for anything they purchase.

How Long Is The Affiliate Cookie Set For?

60 days.  

Does The Website Take A Portion Of Earnings?

Since we pay all Paypal fees, servers, coding, etc, we take 15% from all withdraws.

Example-  A vendor sets the price for a product at $50 and offers a 50% affiliate commission.  If you refer a sale, your account will show $25 but you will receive $21.25 of that upon withdraw.

There is a $2 charge per withdraw.

How Often Can I Withdraw My Money?

We allow you to withdraw every 7 days if your payout balance is greater than $25. But you can save on withdraw fees to withdraw less often.

Can I Withdraw All my Commission Right Away?

Most affiliate sites make you wait a full 30 days to withdraw to protect against refunds. We do things a little differently so you can get paid right away.

We allow you to withdraw right away if your payout is greater than $25, but we hold 40% of your commissions for 30 days from withdraw. 

How Can I Promote?

We allow almost any ethical promotion. Banners, Websites, Social Media, Youtube, opt-in lists, etc. Bu we do not tolerate blackhat traffic. If you spam a purchased e-mail list or start sending bot traffic, you will be banned. Do not spam forums, Do not purchase large amounts of cheap traffic from freelance sites, do not e-mail people who have not opted into your list. 

We play fair if you do. 

How Do I Know My Affiliate Link Is Working?

You can test your affiliate link by clicking it and proceed to the checkout page for a product.  Look at the bottom of the checkout page and you can verify your affiliate code is working.

Can I Buy With My Own Affiliate Link?

No.  You will get no affiliate credit for buying with your own link. 

Can I sell my own product here?

Yes!  When you create a user account, you will have the option of enrolling as an affiliate or vendor within your user panel.  Residents of any country may become a vendor or affiliate.

What Kind Of Products Can I Sell?

You may sell Digital Delivered Spiritual Products and Services. The only off-limit product is binaural beats and isochronic tones. Sorry, but we do not want competition in that category.

You may sell:  Ebooks, MP3's, Videos, Courses, Spells, Lessons, Psychic Readings, Custom Services, Subliminals, Programs, Apps, Hypnosis Sessions, Reports, etc. There are literally thousands of options!  Be creative and you shall succeed.

How Do I Deliver My Products?

If your product is an Instant Download, you will upload it in the product Creation Page and we take care of delivery.

If you are selling a custom service like a Psychic Reading, our system is completely setup with a system for you to collect the needed information from your customer and deliver the product, all within your console.

Can You Help Me Setup?

Sure..  Register and poke around.  Contact us for any questions or help through our contact page. We are adding tutorials and resources all the time, but we are always willing to help if you are serious about succeeding.

What Is My Profit Cut?

We cover all Paypal fees, server management, custom coding, promotion, etc. To cover this expense, we take 15% of your earnings plus $2 per withdraw.

Example- Your product is priced at $50. If there is no affiliate- your account will show the full $50 for the sale. But when you withdraw, you will receive $42.50 from that sale because we deduct 15% from that 50%. 

Remember to take into account Affiliate Commissions while pricing your product. You will specify a percentage to pay affiliates.

Example #2- Your product is priced at $50 with a 50% affiliate commission. If an affiliate refers a buyer, your commission will show $25.  But when you withdraw, you will receive $21.25 for that sale.

There is a $2 charge every time you withdraw. You will be responsible for the Paypal fees for receiving your withdraw funds.

What Percentage Of My Sale Goes To Affiliates?

You choose your affiliate percentage for each individual product you create. You may choose anywhere from 10% to 90%. You may not opt-out of this. 

This does not mean you lose money on every sale. if you refer the customer, there is no affiliate split. Or any organic traffic not referred by an affiliate is also fully credited to you.

But as any good digital marketer knows, the better you pay affiliates, the more you earn. So we recommend offering affiliates as high of a percentage as you can afford.

How Often Can I Withdraw?

Every 7 days if your withdraw amount is over $25.

Do Refunds and Chargebacks Hurt Me?

We understand it happens, but it costs us resources, time, and money. 

Because Payapl does not return the processing fee to a seller, vendors are charged $3 per refund upon next withdraw. 

Chargebacks penalties are stiffer because they cost us dearly, both financially and in reputation. Vendors will incur a $20 penalty upon next withdraw for each chargeback. 

To avoid this, be honest and clear on your sales pages, provide customer support in a honorable way, and offer good products.

Can I Promote With An Affiliate Link?

Absolutely!  You may refer someone who buys your product along with 3 other vendors products. If you used an affiliate link, you get your products sale plus all the commission on anything else your referral buys within 60 days!

Will My Shop Be On The Homepage?

Possibly.  We list the shops with the most sales on the homepage! Offer good products and services, promote well, and you have a good chance!