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Why you should do body scan meditation

By this point, you have probably heard about different types of meditation and it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. 

Enters ‘the body scan meditation’. A meditation practice that helps you to scan your body. You can scan your body for any kind of pain, stress, or anything out of the box. 

This will help you feel connected to your physical parts and know the potential causes of those unwanted sensations and feelings. You can diagnose yourself to know what’s wrong and what’s needed.

Why should you try this?

Not only will it help you to understand the needs of your body but also provide many other benefits:

  1. For self-manifestation

  2. Improving sleep 

  3. Increasing compassion for oneself

  4. Reducing pain 

  5. To quit smoking

  6. Increasing self-awareness

  7. Reducing anxiety and stress 

Although many mediation techniques offer these benefits but how do we start? Meditating seems difficult for many people at the start and that is the reason people quit in between. Because most of them never knew why to start in the first place. Self-diagnosis is very important before you start actual meditation and this is where body scan meditation comes into place. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the word meditation here! It is very easy to start with. 

It is a technique that helps you to reconnect with yourself. Re-connecting with ourselves! Sounds weird right? But it’s true and very important indeed. The biggest benefit that you can get after reconnecting is that now you know what your body speaks, you know its language. 

And when you know its language, you are in sync. You are able to pay attention to real-time experiences, explore your sensations, and get hold of things you do in life. When you are in control and have a clear understanding, manifestation becomes easy, which seemed pretty hard earlier. You know what’s going on with your body and mind and your belief increases

How to give it a try

  1. Get cozy - Sounds great right? Sit or lie down comfortably that allows your limbs to be properly stretched. 

  2. Focus - Don’t be alarmed. All you have to do is focus on your breath. 

  3. Choose where to start - body scan meditation allows you to begin wherever you like, head, legs, hands, stomach, etc. 

  4. Pay attention - You don’t understand anything till you pay attention right? Try to understand if there are any sensations of pain or discomfort. 

  5. Go slow - there is no hurry, no train to catch. Spend time to understand these sensations. 

  6. Acknowledge your sensations - acknowledge anything you notice. If you feel angry, don’t judge yourself. Notice and let it pass. 

  7. Imagine it going away - with every breath, imagine that sensation going away. 

  8. Release and redirect - slowly let go of that area when you feel better and shift to the next area. 

  9. Visualize - once you are done with the body part, try to visualize that a liquid is flowing through your body. It’s like your awareness traveling through your body. 

  10. Come back - you can slowly come back to your surroundings. 

There are no restrictions on when and where you should do it. No restrictions that it should be done before a meal or after a meal. You can do it in the comfort of your choice. Slowly you will notice that you are able to connect with yourself deeper and better. You understand what your body needs like it’s speaking to you. 

Once you do that, manifesting becomes much easier and approachable. 

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