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Why should we have a spiritual side?

Before I give you insights on spirituality, let me give you an ice breaker. Being spiritual is not being religious!. Spirituality and religion are two different things. I know you feel like you have been fooled. But if you regularly go to church, temple, mosque or you have been following every ritual does not make you spiritual. 

So what exactly is being a spiritual person? Why is knowing your spiritual side more relevant to your life? Read further to know everything you have been missing. 

What is spirituality?

There are thousands of aspects of spirituality but if we narrow them down to one point, they all come to one thing in general. Spirituality is feeling that there is something greater, something bigger than myself and my senses. The opening up of our heart in the true sense is spirituality. 

Spirituality lets you know who you really are and what is the true meaning of your existence. There is more to life than what these senses show us and spirituality lets you explore those hidden depths. 

Importance of spirituality in life.

Know the purpose of your life - do you think that being an engineer or a banker is the ultimate purpose of your life? Or you have no clue of your purpose? Spirituality helps you understand the reason for your birth, your ultimate purpose. 

~ It promotes peace and harmony in your life, minimizing your anger and struggles. It holds the power to remove corruption from our society. 

~ Being responsive to your spiritual side will help you recover, give you good mental and physical health. It helps you heal faster from any ailments. 

~ It can remove your fears (even fear of death) and insecurities. It gives you clarity and fearlessness. 

~ When you awaken your spiritual side, you get knowledge from within. It gives you wisdom and thus you become more pleasant and divine. 

~ Spirituality is a path of self-realization. Spiritual people are more focused on personal growth and internal values. This helps them become a better individual. 

~ Being focused on personal growth does not make you selfish, but makes you more compassionate and generous. Spiritual people flourish, are optimistic, and spread the message of love and peace. 

~ Spirituality gives you a better understanding of your conscious and subconscious mind. They become more conscious of small activities and moments. This helps them build long-lasting memories. 

Many Gurus say that ‘We are caught in the realm of what our senses show us. Spirituality opens up a new world that is not limited to just existing and working but is about realizing and living.’

Spirituality is realizing and feeling the inner you. Though you can relate spirituality to religion, there is one major difference. Religion is knowing the ways of God, spirituality is knowing the ways of oneself. Spirituality will open up the world of new possibilities.

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