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What Does The High Priestess Tarot Card Signify?

Tarot cards are important for you to understand a specific situation. Many individuals consider tarot cards a tool for guidance through life. However, without a professional tarot guide, you might not know what each card represents. 
In this article, we will be talking about what the High Priestess tarot card means for different aspects of your life when you draw it in a reading.

The High Priestess card is the second major Arcana card of the entire deck of tarot cards. This card is a "no action" card, that tells you to retreat or withdraw your involvement from a specific situation. Primarily, when you pull the High Priestess card, you should consider taking your time to reflect upon a specific issue and trusting your instincts.

Vital Facts About The High Priestess Card
Before we dive deeper into the meaning of the High Priestess card, we have made a compilation of facts you should know. The following key facts are important for a deeper understanding of this major Arcana card;

Upright Position: When the card is drawn in an upright position; it stands for intuitively, femininity, divine, and unconscious
Reversed: In a reversed position, the High Priestess card means silence, repressed feelings, and withdrawal
Element: Water
Numerology: 2
Planet: Moon
Star Sign: Cancer


Every part of the High Priestess card has a significance, which is crucial in understanding what the card says.

The Pillars
The card depicts the High Priestess sits between two pillars labelled B and J, which stands for Boaz and Jachin respectively. Boaz is the pillar of strength and Jachin is the pillar of establishment. 

The Color
The colors of both pillars (Black & White) represents dualism; good & evil, masculine & feminine, negative & positive. Thus, the card communicates that the understanding of both worlds is required.

The High Priestess' Position
The High Priestess sits between the Black & White pillars, and as such, acts as a mediator between both realities.

The Scroll
The High Priestess holds a scroll that is partly open, which suggests the message is both obvious & indirect. Hence, you need to think differently to understand.

The Crown & Blue Robe
The crown and Blue robe represent the divine knowledge of the Priestess. The robe has a cross, which signifies the balance of the heart, mind, body, and spirit. 

The Crescent Moon
The moon signifies her illuminated connection to her divine femininity, subconscious, intuition, and moon cycles.

The Veil of Pomegranates 
This symbolizes divine femininity, abundance, and fertility. Also, the veil keeps secrets and helps keep out casual people and let in just the initiated (those who understand and accept both realms).

In conclusion, when the High Priestess is drawn in an upright position, it tells you to work with your intuition instead of logic. Connect to your divine femininity and balance your energies to find a solution to any problem.

In a reversed position, it might mean you are repressing your feelings. For instance, in a situation that you needed to follow your gut, you may repress your feeling. Thus, you need to take a break and learn to follow your intuition more.

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