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Upload a selfie and see your aura reports

Have you heard people saying that you have a beautiful aura? Do you feel completely clueless when you hear that? You probably don’t believe in auras. 

Well, your aura is a very real thing. What if I tell you that you can see it yourself? Fascinating right? Now it’s time to understand what an aura is and how you can see it. Let’s find out.  

Understanding aura

In spiritual beliefs, an aura is a human, animal, or an object’s energy field. A part of that energy is manifested into a certain level of reverberation which makes it a physical form. The physical, emotional, mental status of who you are is represented by your aura. 

You have heard of chakra balancing, similarly, you also need to cleanse your aura and become free of negativities. 

You need someone expert to see your aura in the true sense. There are many methods out there where you can see your aura yourself but those methods are questionable. An expert can see your aura and tell you the true meaning of those colors. Let’s know a little more about them. 

Expert for aura reading

Aura reading has become very easy and much accurate through the use of a Neural machine learning engine. It creates our chakra heatmap and gives you an aura visualization. 

They find out the percentages of every chakra, see which chakra is the lowest and which is the highest. Based on these reports they tell where you need balancing. 

What do you need to do?

All you have to do is upload a selfie. But you need to take care of a few points before you take a selfie. 

  • Take a clear picture of your face. Don’t use filters. 

  • Try taking a picture with a plain, solid background with light color. 

  • Inside a car, or with a green garden background is not a good idea. 

  • Try taking a picture without glasses. 

You will get exact results if you take care of the above points. After you upload a selfie, you will get an aura visualization report, a histogram, and your complete chakra information through a pdf.

Now that you have received your report what do you need to do? Don’t be fooled after seeing beautiful colors in your report. It doesn’t mean that your chakra is balanced. That is the reason a percentage report is provided. According to experts, each chakra should be between 13 to 15%. 

Suppose one chakra is 21% that means it is taking an extra 6% from another chakra. You need to balance your blockages so that prana can flow freely across each chakra. 

Balance is the key to a healthy life. If you feel balanced, your workflow becomes balanced. You will see how a simple report has helped you become free of many problems in your life. 

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