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The mysterious world of tarot card: The Hermit card

Tarot cards are believed to show us insights into our past, present, and future. Many of us are familiar with how they work and some have only seen them in movies and shows. We always have a question: how does a card work? There are different kinds of tarot cards and the one we will discuss today is the hermit tarot card

Before we move further, let’s know how a hermit card looks like. 


A hermit card has an old man who is standing on a mountain peak. He carries a lantern with 6-pointed stars on one hand and staff in another. 

His lantern shows truth to guide the unknowing, his cloak is for discretion, and his staff helps him navigate. The element is earth and astrologically the ruling planet is mercury

Now let’s understand what a hermit card means and what it is used for. 

What the hermit card means

There are 2 different ways to read a tarot card, upright and reversed. Some people believe that reading a card reversed gives many clear readings. Here we will know what a hermit will mean when it is read upright and when it is read reversed. 

Upright guide 

  • The upright keywords are spiritual enlightenment, self-reflection, contemplation, solitude, soul searching, introspection.


  • General meaning - An upright card, in general, indicates that you are entering a soul searching period. 

  • Love life - If you are single, it indicates celibacy. If you are in a relationship, it can indicate a wiser person and can suggest that you may need to put more effort. 

  • Money and career - It may indicate that materialistic things no longer make you feel fulfilled and you need to look for activities that make you feel happy and content. 

  • Health - it may indicate that overdoing things may bring health issues. 

  • Spirituality - It indicates that you should take time to listen to your inner guidance. 

Reversed guide

  • The reversed keywords are loneliness, withdrawal, anti-social, paranoia. 

  • The general meaning - In general the meaning of the reversed card is that you are separated more from the world and that it is time to come back to the world and your people. 

  • Love life - you might be feeling shut up by your partner or there is less connection. If you are single then it may suggest that you have missed your opportunity of meeting someone special. It indicates that it is time to start meeting people. 

  • Money and career - it suggests that now you should stop working in solitude and start making more business connections. Even though it is a good time to expand your career, you should be careful too. 

  • Health - it is a strong warning that you should focus more on your mental health now. 

  • Spirituality - it indicates that you need to join other people to grow spiritually like a meditation class or activity class. 

The hermit card is known as a therapist and it gives you suggestions that can be life-changing. He lights your darkness and can be very useful.

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