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The Blue Aura of Expressing Yourself

Blue is the color of your throat tantra. It's your way of expressing yourself, because of who you are, you say what you want and you speak for yourself and others. Blue means intelligent and empathetic.  

Different shades of blue auras and their meanings. 

While the different blue threads in your aura can mean different things, usually, blue is associated with speech and communication. The three blue variants to be seen in the aura are as follows: 

  • Turquoise: Turquoise stands for "confidence in knowledge and self-awareness." These people are often speakers, singers, teachers, or healers and are open and willing to be seen as a leader but also to serve the people.  

  • True Blue (e.g. cobalt or royal):  A rich and vibrant blue color, such as cobalt or blue, is related to communication, expression, understanding, and clarity. Those with true blue auras are also spiritually at a good place. They share strong connections with strangers and enjoy the depths of life. They use their imagination, wisdom, understanding, and ingenuity to express their views.  

  • Blue Sky: A bright or blue aura is a very old aura. People with a blue-sky energy field are often very talented creators and leaders who use their skills and voice to help others, they are naturally great at communicating with people and communication is easy. Their power is in their voice and they can speak to the impact. Their insight serves as a compass that guides them, moving them to speak from the heart. They also bring a lot of peace and health into their lives. 

The connection between blue and the throat chakra. 

All the colors of the aura are directly connected to the different chakras, with each matching color. In this case, blue is related to the chakra of the throat, which controls communication, expression, and reality. 

If the blue in your aura is bright and clear, this is a sign that your throat chakra is balanced and flowing. If blue looks thin, neon, or bathed, it could mean that you are struggling to define yourself and your reality. (In this case, many monks of the blue aura have a mantra of magnifying blue power: People with blue aura believe that their voice is a connection to create harmony and peace in the world. If you have reason to believe that your throat chakra is experiencing difficulty, reiki or other energy healing can be helpful. Since the blue aura is connected to the throat chakra, reiki can help a person increase their speech and communication and their voice usage. 

What challenges might someone with a blue aura face? 

All the creative and accurate power of blue auras can come with its own challenges. People with a blue aura are excellent communicators, those with blue auras tend to share less masculine energy, which includes outward appearance, focus on actions, comprehension, and firmness. To find balance, it may be important for them to connect with their female strengths and learn to give and go with the flow. 

And if your communication is weak, anxious, or extremely stubborn, which can cause mud, dark blue, or blue auras respectively; it is important to find a way to share your feelings to help open the power bar. 

How do they fare in love & relationships? 

The color aura of blue is very much related to reality, you can expect these people to be honest and open partners to their tendency to clean, expressive and interact. They are very honest and trustworthy. 

Someone with a blue aura is trustworthy and will be on your side between the top and bottom. They will be able to make art when it comes to planning fun days and making man-made gifts.   

And of course, the blue energy is very quiet and stable. These people have a relaxed and basic relaxation that many will recommend to a partner. Because of this calm situation, they also know how to communicate effectively, or in times of conflict, in a healthy way. They have enough self-control to address you respectfully. 

Blue Aura individuals in their career and professional endeavors  

In the professional world, people with blue auras need opportunities to talk about the truth and their ideas. They love work where they can create and think. Certain shades of blue, as mentioned earlier, will be drawn to activities such as singing, speaking, or teaching.  

These people can be very honest when it comes to being punctual and doing the job. They are honest, trustworthy, and dedicated to their duties. They also do great team players.  

As you may have guessed, the main theme of this aura is speech. Thus, in the workplace, those with a blue aura will thrive when they feel free to share their thoughts and ideas freely and truthfully. 

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