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Sound therapy - Neurological cure and case studies

~ Many studies have shown that sound is not only a hearing experience but a visual experience. In a study of Tarek Atoui’s performance Organ Within in New York, a family was found sitting on the pillow of the rotunda. The youngest child around two to three years old looked fascinated and charmed as the musicians walked from one station to another. The musicians scattered balls and bells into a vibrating membrane. The people in the study noticed the acoustic changes and were stuck by the experience which felt like a walking sound meditation. 

~ David Byrne in his work, ‘How music works’ describes the relationship between architecture and sound. He says that musicians write according to the spaces in which they will perform. 

Sound healing is an ancient method found in almost all cultures of the world. 400 scientists conducted a review in which it was shown that sound can provide relief from physical pain. 

~ Another theory on sound shows that it works through vibrational effects on the body. Sound can stimulate our touch fibers that are affecting pain perceptions. Sound stimulation treatments of low frequency reduced pain and helped with better sleep. Three-fourth of participants reduced medicine intake after the therapy. 

Music therapy for neurological ailments

Sound therapy is also used with other traditional care systems after complex surgeries like spinal surgery. It is used for physical rehab and brain injuries. A neurological music therapist is a trained specialist in music production, cognition, and perception. The specialist uses different techniques to gain nonmusical targets like speech, mental cognition, and physical abilities. 

The therapist understands what kind of rhythm can affect what area of the brain. It helps to build new connections and help brain functions. The therapist can even advise using music as a method of self-care at home. 

The Bonny method 

The Bonney method discovered by Helen L. Bonny uses GIM - guided imagery and music, i.e. imagery and classical music for transformation, personal growth, and better consciousness. It can improve physiological and psychological health, especially in adults. 

Nordoff Robbins method 

A 2-year course of Nordoff Robbins is done by musicians to develop sound healing techniques. They create music and work for performance. This approach is used to help children who have slow development stages, mental issues, difficulties in learning, Autism, and several other conditions.

The Brainwave entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is also called ‘binaural beats’. It stimulates our brains into specified states. This method uses pulsing sounds to encourage our brain waves and aligns it with the frequency of the sound wave. It will enhance focus, help you relax. Some studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and different behavioral issues of children. 

We can see any electrical activity that happens in our brain, in the form of rhythmic, repetitive frequency, or brain-waves. A device called EEG - electroencephalogram

The entrainment states that there are 4 categories of brainwaves of different frequencies. Beta occurs when there is most activity and delta when there is least and are generated differently by the level of alertness. 

~ Music can help us for self-help to cure anger, anxiety, and other mental issues. We need not always go to a therapist because there are musical hypnosis techniques that can help us get better from many ailments. 

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