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Real-life experience and science behind Astral Projection

What is Astral projection?

Astral projection, an OBE, that is an Out of body experience. You feel like your consciousness is leaving your body and some experiments have been reported like a near-death experience.

People who have experienced it explain that it feels like watching your body from a height and get a sense that everything you see is actually real. It is said that our consciousness travels to a spiritual plane. 

The near-death experience of U.S Air-force

A study was run by the air force. As the airplanes became faster, pilots reported that they are getting unconscious. A term used by them is ‘going into GILOC’. GILOC is Gravity Induced Loss Of Consciousness. Because of becoming unconscious, the planes kept crashing. 

James Winnery was sent to solve this issue. In his experiment in Texas, he took 1000 pilots, spun them into GILOC in a giant centrifuge. Going into GILOC means you pass out and it feels like we see a tuning television, where it goes off into a small dot and then disappears. 

During this experiment, he noticed something very interesting. If he spun them longer than actual time, some of them reported out of body experiences, and if he still kept spinning pilots said that was like a near-death experience.

He discovered that out of the body and near-death experiences are found to be in the same continuum, part of a similar chain of effects. 


In many other studies, people who were dead in the experiment table were brought back, so it was like near-death. So there have to be scientific reasons behind it. In further experiments, the nurse would take off the glasses of patients, put them in a drawer. When they came back, one of them would say, ‘oh! They are in the drawer.’ 

This is a Pim Van Lommel study that happened in the Netherlands. 

While scientists have come up with no actual evidence of this state, the theory is still being experimented. People who claim to have done it, speak of it as a very real experience. Astral projection is a practice done from very ancient times by gurus and believers. A fiction of this is depicted in the famous movie ‘Doctor Strange.’ 

Experts say that initially, it becomes difficult to understand what is true and what is not. It is also linked with soul travel. The soul has the ability to leave the body at its own will or while sleeping to travel. One such practice is taught in Surat Shabd yoga through meditation and chanting mantras repeatedly. There are many shreds of evidence of astral practices going completely wrong. It is suggested that it should be done with proper guidance and complete relaxation. 

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