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Name numerology calculator and its significance

What is numerology?

Numerology is a study and language of numbers. Numerology states that numbers hold special significance in your life and tell you information and insights about the world. In numerology, it is believed that if we break down the universe, the basic elements will be numbers. It gives you a better understanding of the world. 

There are different calculations in numerology that hold different significance: 

  1. Name number 

  2. Life path number 

  3. Expression number 

  4. Soul urge number 

  5. Personality number 

  6. Birthdate number 

These calculations can tell about your persona, destiny, traits, who you are as a person and who you should be, luck, etc.

Calculating name number

The ancient methods of numerology used the Chaldean system for using numerical values. According to the Chaldean system, each alphabet has a number associated with it. 

The Chaldean system uses numbers from 1 to 8, where it considers number 9 as spiritual

The number that comes after the calculation can be used to recognize what energy changes are occurring near you when you or someone else speaks. 

The Chaldean number-alphabet system:

1 - A, I, J, Q, Y 

2 - B, K, R 

3 - C, G, L, S 

4 - D, M, T 

5 - E, H, N, X 

6 - U, V, W

7 - O, Z

8 - F, P 

Let us look at an example: 

  1. Suppose your name is ‘Lisa’

  2. Find the number for each alphabet:

L = 3, I = 1, S = 3, A = 1 

  1. Now add the numbers of your alphabets 

3+1+3+1 = 8 

  1. This gives your name number, in this case, it is 8. 

Similarly, you can calculate the name number of your name. But what does your name number signifies? Let us have a look into these.

Number descriptions of the Chaldean system 

  • Number 1 - This number is represented by the sun. It shows that the person desires abundance and freedom in life. They like to be authorities themselves and dislike sloppy or clumsy people. 

  • Number 2 - This number is represented by the moon. People with this number are soft and weak. They are also very creative, and also understand others well. 

  • Number 3 - The number is represented by Jupiter. The number shows expansion, success, knowledge, and growth in life. People with this number are strategic. 

  • Number 4 - The number is represented by Uranus. People want to be unique. They think outside the box and are inventors of different things. 

  • Number 5 - The number is represented by Mercury. People are very proficient speakers and socially active. 

  • Number 6 - The number is represented by Venus. People with this number are homely and like to be comfortable. They are charming, trustworthy but also slow movers. 

  • Number 7 - The number is represented by Neptune. People have deeper thoughts in their minds and mostly go with their gut feeling. They are good at understanding people’s intentions. 

  • Number 8 - The number is represented by Saturn. It represents eternity. People with this number bring a major change in this world. Most CEOs are represented by this number.  

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