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Hammock Technique for Astral Projection-


     The body you know, really is just the physical body. But within our body is also a subtle body which is in the form of energy. That's what we call the soul or consciousness. Now take a look at the world around you. You assume the universe you see exists only like that, this is a world made up of just three dimensions. There are 11 dimensions left, You can only experience the universe of these dimensions during astral travel. In reality, there are several such higher dimensional realms.

You can't imagine the mysterious world that lives in these dimensions. There are enough scientific facts to prove this. Before it was believed that there are just three dimensions. On this planet, quantum physics has changed the way everybody thinks. There is so much more than this which is waiting to be unveiled. Now you have to wonder why can't we see these realms?

As we talked about another body inside your body. Now let's talk about your surroundings. Is the same thing that you are seeing all around you, then you are looking at the world made of dimensions. You cannot see that world because you are bound by five senses. Our physical body is tied to these senses. But our subtle body has no limit. It is not tied to anything. It can experience such things that our physical body cannot do.

You can do whatever you want while traveling astral. Our subtle body can come and go anywhere in the whole world. But our subtle body which is inside our body can do such works that our mind cannot even imagine. This is our subtle body, it can leave our body and go anywhere.

Hammock Technique for Astral Projection-

This works for almost everyone. For this, you should first lie down. Just your ridge bone i.e. the spinal cord should be absolutely straight. Focus on your breath. As soon as you focus on the breath, the thoughts of your brain will continue to work and now you leave your body loose. Now you start feeling sleepy. Now you have to let your body sleep but keep your mind awake. Means you have to stay awake. But let the body sleep. But the problem is that when our body sleeps, the mind automatically goes to sleep, so you have to be aware of every moment.

 This may be a bit difficult in the beginning, but it is not so difficult. When you become aware and the body goes to sleep, then you start to vibrate, so do not panic, this is the beginning. In this step, you will get out of your body and will be able to see your body. Then you will hear some strange sounds. All this should happen within 15 minutes after you lie down. Many people have also realized that after 15 minutes you will roam in different places for 5 to 6 hours, but in real life, only 5 minutes will have passed. If you dream then it is nothing but astral travel. What you see in dreams is actually in the other world. It is really mysterious what astral projection can do to you. You can travel anywhere you want and even manifest those things you wish into your life.

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