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Experiences During Spiritual Awakening

The experience of spiritual awakening means experiencing an increased level of spiritual contact we make with our higher self. The experiences of this process are not ordinary, they are supernatural. The actual experiences of meditation occur only after the spiritual awakening.

The experiences or symptoms that go on after the awakening are also not real in most cases, the experiences are all called illusion, at times these are unusual symptoms associated with the activation of our chakras. 

 What are the experiences during awakening which are actual experiences of physical senses? 

§  Real and virtual experiences of reaching the higher odds have to be understood, the first real experience of contact is often associated with the feeling of death, you feel that you are losing control of your body or breath, the body becomes rooted, you trance. (Sleep state), you may get tremors. 

§  During the process, a dark blue or black color will appear in the yellow circle, such as an eye can also change colors.

§  Light of different colors. They can move, circling, shining like the sun, without straining the eyes. After some time it will disappear and body consciousness will return. 

§  A glow or whitewash can appear everywhere during meditation, nothing but this light - neither object, nor us. Darkness can be seen everywhere. We can feel that we are unable to move our body and will find it difficult to stop seeing this darkness. This experience can be a bit intimidating, in a while this experience will go away, then we will be able to move the body. 

§  Many colors can be seen emanating from the prism, they can rotate on each other, the center of the colors will be pure white. Outside the colorful masks, disappearing, the pure white color of the center begins to grow and grow until there is nothing but pure white or glow everywhere. 

§  A very small white light or bright ray or point. It will have the shape of a small grain of fine sand. Lotus of various colors with few petals or innumerable petals. In the form of bud or fully fed.


Out of Body Experience - You will feel that you are coming out of the top of your head, joined by a white filament such as a lotus stem or a cord and a thousand branches of petals in the sky above.

You will feel that you are coming out of the navel and going up and up into the sky, yet you are connected to your body through the same white thread through the placenta.

You will feel that you are coming back and slowly entering your body. You will start feeling your body as if you are feeling someone else's body, then you will come back to your senses and feel that you are meditating.

While meditating you will feel that you have risen from your body and you are watching your body from a distance.

 Spirit guides are a team of divine helpers who help us in accomplishing the spiritual contact. They help us in increasing the understanding of spirituality, make them feel in the physical realm, and guide you to reach the higher being we all have in ourselves.

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