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Discover remote viewing

Some people can see impressions about an unseen target by sensing them in their minds. Scientists have no evidence of remote viewing but refer to this as clairvoyance. 

A remote viewer gives information about a hidden or distant object. A cool name to give them would be ‘third eye spies’.

So people who have this third sense can find objects or sense things which they have no prior information about. This process is also referred to as ‘anomalous cognition’ or ‘second sight’

You all might have experienced this once or more in your life too. We sense something which we didn’t know about and it comes out to be true. Many successful businessmen have attributed their success to remote viewing. 

Seems fascinating. Did you know that remote viewing is a trained skill and you can learn it? 

Real-life experiment  

Scientists are fascinated by the ability and experiments are being conducted for years. Many experiments were conducted where the electromagnetic fields or other kinds of radiations across the subject were studied. Because no changes were seen, the scientists disapproved of any scientific evidence. Another study showed that this ability is real. 

Russell Targ and Hal Putoff experimented on this ability while they were working at SRI. Their first subject was a scientist, an artist, and a psychic Ingo Swann. He had the ability of remote viewing and could mentally affect distant objects. 

In the first experiment, he was asked to show his ability on a super-sensitive quark detector which was electromagnetically shielded and was buried under s 5-feet cement floor. 

Every time Swann thought about the detector, the readings would change from the baseline. 

Swann coined this ability as ‘remote viewing’ and the project was later funded to be able to conduct more experiments. Later Swann described that he has sensory abilities that others do not possess. To explain this, he created a 6 stage system that anyone can learn. He names it Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). 

This process helps you to separate signals from noises in your mind while you are viewing. This method became the basis of U.S. army teachings. 

A glitch in the viewing

There is a little glitch or should I say ambiguity in the process. If you are feeling more confident about your views, the less likely it is to be correct. The less confident you feel more is the probability of the views being correct. 

If you are a good remote viewer, you trust that ambiguity and uncertainty. 

How does remote viewing work? 

You can choose any explanation you like because there is no scientifically proven explanation to it. But experiments lead to theories which state that a good remote viewer learns to distinguish between their right and left brain. 

The left brain thinks more rationally and logically while the right brain is more free-flowing and intuitive. Good remote viewers tend to use their right brain for the process. 

I believe that it might be linked with resonance and vibrations. What do you think? 

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