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Chakra Balancing: Solfeggio Frequencies and Healing Crystals

The problem of balancing the Seven Chakra occurs when we are unable to regulate the energy in practice or when the flow of one chakra begins to increase. We all know of the Seven Chakras. They are a funnel-shaped group of chakras. That in themselves are synonymous yet with various meanings and lights. The word Chakra has been derived from Sanskrit meaning a wheel or a circular ring. Our whole body has seven major chakras and innumerable minor chakras. All of these chakras are found in various locations in the body, the main being just the seven chakras.

All these chakras are charged with cosmic energy, just like our house gets electricity (energy) from the main powerhouse. Sometimes it happens that due to stress, emotional, and physical problems, these chakras are not able to get energy properly. If energy transmission is not done correctly in them. So the chances of getting sick increases. Irregular flow of energy can cause physical fatigue (illness), mental problems, and much more.

In this post, let's first talk about the effects of balancing problems of the 7 chakras in the body. And then we'll talk in detail on how to heal the 7 chakras through various methods

Root (Muladhara) Chakra
The color of this chakra is red and is present in the lowest part of the spine. This chakra is connected to the earth and is responsible for physical life. Attaches to your feet, large intestine, and bones and prepares you for the art of fighting. If there is a problem of energy flow in it, fear arises in the human being, they're not mentally ready for self-defense.

Sacral (Swadishthana) Chakra
Its color is orange-like and its position is between the lower back and navel. Our lower body is connected to organs such as kidneys and reproductive organs. This chakra shows our feelings, sexual desire, request. The problem of emotional dementia, sexual desire, due to the flow of irregular energy in the chakra is responsible for your unwanted behavior.

Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra

This chakra is yellow and its position is only a few inches above the navel. Your digestive system is connected to organs like the pancreas, arm.
It gives the basis for your emotional life. Emotional behaviors such as thinking about oneself, laughing, emotions like anger are associated with this cycle. The ability to achieve its goal, sensitiveness, is associated with this cycle. Disorders such as anger, irritability, lack of direction (decrease in the ability to guide oneself) can be seen from the irregular flow of energy.

Heart (Ahanta) Chakra
Its color is green and it is located in the heart. Expressions like love, goodwill, peace are associated with this cycle. It is also considered the home of our soul.
Your lungs, heart, arms, such organs are connected with this chakra. We fall in love only with the influence of the heart chakra and join us unconditionally with pure emotion. This chakra moves towards the sexual center in which feelings of strong attraction are emitted.

Throat (Visuddha)Chakra
Its color is blue and located in the throat. This chakra is associated with expressions like your art of speaking, manner of conversation, ability to express yourself. Controls the throat, arms, shoulders, thyroid glands, hands in your body. This chakra helps in identifying your external and inner voice.
Apart from this, it is responsible for changes in thoughts, transfer, purification. Symptoms such as loss of speech, conversation decline, loss of honesty are responsible for the irregular flow of energy in this cycle.

Third- Eye (Ajna) Chakra
The position of this gray chakra is in the middle of our forehead. This chakra is related to our spiritual life.
Curiosity, questions, and their solutions are expressions of this cycle. The imagination of inner vision, ability like intellectual development are preserved in this chakra, hence this chakra is called Shakti Kendra.
The memories of your birth and past lives are preserved in this chakra. Stretching of the forehead, mental exhaustion, tension, and decline in memory are symptoms of the irregular flow of energy in this cycle.

Crown( Sahasrara) Chakra
The position of this purple colored chakra is at the top of your head. This chakra controls your nervous system, brain, and pituitary gland. With this chakra, your spiritual information, ability to understand information, acceptance, and felt like blessings are associated with it.
This chakra is also called the gateway for your soul to connect with the divine. Irregular flow of energy in the cycle is responsible for the psychological disorder (insanity).

Balancing the 7 Chakras

The body functions correctly as long as energy flows in these chakras in the right way. We use the following techniques to make the flow of energy continuous and unblock the blocked chakras.
Solfeggio Frequency and Isochronics

Vibration is everything when it comes to spiritual processes. And every vibration has its frequency. By exposing the mind and body to solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and deeper healing. Solfeggio frequencies are rhythms and tones that align with you as the basis of the universe. Chakra balancing through this can help you improve the energy flow of your body and mind and improve your feeling and thinking process.

Seven chakras Solfeggio tones balance:

Muladhara Meditation - 396 Hz, red color, Root Chakra.
Svadhisthana Meditation - 417 Hz, orange color, Sacral Chakra.
Manipur Meditation - 528 Hz, yellow color, Trap Solar Cycle.
Anahata Meditation - 639 Hz, green color, Cardiac Cycle.
Vushudhi Meditation - 741 Hz, blue color, Throat Chakra.
Ajna Meditation - 852 Hz, indigo color, Third Eye Chakra.
Sahasrara meditation- 963 Hz, violet color, Crown Chakra

Isochronic Tones are used for deeper and more effective meditation. The combination of solfeggio meditative tones with meditation music and brain waves is a powerful tool for dealing with many psychological-emotional conditions.

Chakra Healing Crystal  

Our cycles release waves of different frequencies, which are related to different colors. The chakra healing crystal works on this principle. With 7 chakra stones, we learn natural self-healing and make the body capable. For this, we have to place these crystals at the place of our chakra and focus our mental energy on it. The stronger your concentration, the sooner the energy from the crystal starts to establish in your chakra. The crystal only multiplies your energy, causing the blocked energy to balance in the cycle and the cycle begins to function correctly. 

Chakra Balancing and Meditation

Meditation is the best medium for hearing our consciousness Apart from this, it also teaches us to remain calm in adversity. When the mind is stable and calm, you can easily find out where there is a pain in the body and which cycle is blocking.

Knowledge should always be adopted regularly. The more we understand, the more we understand ourselves. The knowledge associated with each chakra tells us what to do in which case we should keep ourselves positive in every situation. Apart from this, we become so capable of ourselves that we know how to overcome physical, mental, and spiritual problems.
Positive thoughts tell us how we can overcome problems by staying positive. Positive thoughts prepare our minds for this. The more positive thoughts reach the brain, the more we can get out of the old thoughts and find new ways of thinking.

The use of natural plant oils increases healing, beauty, and enhances the flow of emotional and spiritual energy. This therapy helps bring our chakra to a state of equilibrium as it contains its natural energy which connects with our chakra and improves its energy quality. Solfeggio Frequency, chakra gemstone, and chakra healing bracelet are also good options for Chakra balancing.


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