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Black Aura of blocked energies and chakra

The color black symbolizes grief or pent-up anger. These negative emotions occupy your heart, and the negative energies that they emit affect the color of your aura. 


Everyone can have a black aura, depending on the current situation of your life. The color of your aura changes with your emotions, your mindset, and the physical condition of your body. A black aura tells something about health problems that you don’t know about. It also points to health problems that you do know about but refuse to properly address. 

A black aura can also indicate the blocked energies in your body. When there’s a disharmony in the flow of energies, it can cause you to be distrustful of people. You can also become aloof and detached, even angry. It symbolizes your unforgiving nature. It means you are holding on to bad feelings far longer than you should. A black aura also signifies past life hurts and problems. They are manifesting in your present life and affecting how you feel and think. 

Black represents your fear of harnessing your personal power to transmute these negative energies. It also speaks of your fear to share yourself fully with others. The color black symbolizes transition and regeneration. It speaks about discovering the real meaning of mortality and accepting life as it is.  

Black Aura Personality Traits 

People who have a black aura are very intelligent people. You are up to date with the current events, and you have very strong opinions about relevant issues. You are well-read and well-traveled. Your interests are varied, and you enjoy very good conversations with people from all walks of life. 

Black aura people are ambitious, and you are always gearing yourself up for the next chapter of your life. You are always getting ready for the next challenge. You don’t turn down opportunities that can further improve your skills or unleash your talents. You are also very communicative. Because of your vast knowledge, you don’t keep them all to yourself. You want to share your knowledge and help educate people. As someone with a black aura, you are very organized. Whether at home or at work, whether in your personal or professional life, everything is organized. You find that you can think, function, and decide better when everything is in order. 

People who have a black aura often say what they think. You know a lot of things, so people don’t really mind when you start talking.  You love to surround yourself with people, with wealth, and with luxury. You feel most alive when you get to spend time with friends and family, and you are most motivated when you are surrounded by the fine things that you want to have in the future. You are a great teacher, leader, and boss. You have very compelling and powerful communication skills that allow you to express your ideas as clearly and as accurate as possible. 

Love and Romance for People with a Black Aura 

When it comes to love and relationships, black is a transitional color. Black can be good or bad, depending on your current situation with love or your relationship. Your aura may be displaying the color black because you are experiencing some kind of emotional stress. This can be because you are in a long-distance relationship, and the distance is taking its toll on you both. This can also be because of a fight that’s ongoing and still unresolved. This can be because of your fears that your partner is not being completely honest with you. 

Black will also show in your aura when you’re experiencing a personal crisis, when you’re experiencing depression over your circumstances, or when you’re feeling discouraged about your options. Your aura will only start to darken. The color black signifies that you are looking for a positive change. It can be a change with how you are when in a relationship, a change in how you regard yourself when you’re in love with someone, or a change in your outlook when a relationship does not work out. 

Black becomes your aura color when you’re highly sensitive or in a fragile state. This usually happens when you have just broken up with someone, or you just started seeing someone after a very long time of being single, or you just lost someone you love so much. Your aura will also change to this color when you need to let go of the hatred in your heart. Holding on to negative emotions are never good for you because the energies that will 

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