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Awaken Kundalini through Chakra balancing

Kundalini is the power that is associated with the divine feminine. It is dormant energy lying in the base of the spine. It has to be activated by the practice of yoga and to be channeled upward through chakras. This awakening is believed to lead to spiritual liberation

After awakening, Kundalini rises, alongside the spine, and reaches the top of the head. The progress of Kundalini is believed to achieve different levels of awakening through the different chakras. As it reaches the head, it produces a profound transformation of consciousness.

Kundalini is considered to occur in the chakra of the body. With proper training, moving Kundalini through these chakras can open the special characteristics of each chakra.

Kundalini is a sleeping potential force in the human organism. It is one of the components of a subtle body, which consists of Nadi (energy channels), chakra (psychic centers), Bindu (drops of essence), and prana (subtle energy).


Kundalini and the chakras

The seven chakras are meant to govern our overall organs to our emotions. Overactive, underactive, and blocked chakras can disrupt the flow of energy in balancing the chakras. Until we correct this imbalance, a range of maladies can occur, like stress, physical illness, and emotional instability. Of all the chakras, the root chakra plays a prime role while dealing with Kundalini energy. The root chakra is the Muladhara chakra


So what do the chakras have to do with kundalini? It is about balance. When each of the body’s chakras is in harmony with the body, They function at its highest potential. However, when any one of the chakras become blocked, physical and mental ailments can arise. 

For Kundalini to rise, the chakra path must be clear of the waste— i.e no imbalance of energy. When we clear one chakra, it is important to understand that all other chakras are affected since they all are connected. It is very important to balance the chakras properly.

To clear blockages and promote chakra healing ahead of raising Kundalini using the Chakra balancing isochronic can be very helpful. It has been helping to balance your chakras for more than 20 years. You will be enlightened by the recordings and have a blissful experience. Use headphones, sit in a comfortable place, and let the isochronic sessions give you the required peace.  The link to the product is mentioned above.  


Benefits of awakening kundalini

The strength of this divine feminine energy is known to be the strongest among all the spiritual and physical powers of the universe. It can either create or destroy depending upon the way the awakening process is done. First, she regenerates the chakras and fixes the damage, if caused, by our negative lifestyle. After this, she will simultaneously wake up the deities and bring you closer to the stage of spiritual enlightenment. 

There are two paths in the rise of the spiritual energy — upwards or downwards. If she rises upward, the person is benefited from great spiritual development. If she falls downward, then it brings the person into the depths of darkness. It is advised not to arouse Kundalini by force to keep her away from the downward path. 

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