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Aura: What is it saying about you?

It is said that if the mind is happy then everything feels good and if the mind is depressed then there is no juice in life. It is common for people who spend the same daily routine to have fluctuations of mind. But suddenly it is surprising to see a different glow in someone and a question comes in the mind that how is he happy today, has anything happened, what is the secret of his glowing face? What is it that makes everything around it seem so bright today? You can also be surprised to know the reason for this.

Just as your mind provides energy to your body, similarly your body also gives energy to your mind. This is why many times people seem quite happy. The atmosphere around them seems pleasant. You can also call it an aura, that is, "aura". Do you know that the human body is divided into four types of bodies? Out of this, one body is the same that a human is carrying with him during his life, but all other bodies come after the soul's separation.

The size and color of the aura gives information about many things about a human being. Do you know that with the help of this, a person's character, his thoughts and his thinking are revealed. This aura tells what kind of thinking the person standing in front of you is missing.

Color Of the Aura

Is he really with you or lost in his own world? It is believed that if a person looks attractive and looks refreshed then it means that he is full of different interests. But on the other hand if his aura shows only one or two colors, it implies that his life is revolving around only a few subjects.

Do you know that this aura also affects your spiritual health, but how? The answer is given by the colors present. With which you can identify not only yourself but also someone else's character. But have you ever known what your aura says about you?

It is necessary to have the right knowledge of how you can know your own aura. If you can recognize your aura, then you will be able to extend the aura to anyone. As mentioned in the above lines, the colors present in our aura define that aura, so let us know what colors say:

 Red color

If the color of the aura appears red or dark, then it means that the person becomes angry very quickly. When such people are angry, they do not know what they are saying. Their anger has no limit and when they are angry they do not think about anything.

Orange color

If you find a person's aura in orange color, then such people are of a creative nature. They are also considered emotional. The next color is yellow. It is a symbol of intelligence.

Yellow color

It is said that the person who has a yellow color in their aura, their brain is very alert, but if this yellow color becomes dark then it is not a good sign.

Green color

After this, if a green color is seen, then such a person is very calm. Like the greenery seen in a garden, you can see satisfaction on the face of such a person.

Black color

But if black color appears, it explains the dissatisfaction of life. Such people are not happy in life. Their mental health is also not stable.

Blue color

That is, troubles are sitting as a special part of their life. It is believed that only people with dark circles consume the most addictive drugs. But on the other hand, if a shade of blue is seen in a person's aura, then it is considered the best color. Such individuals are very excited and efficient.

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