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Analyse your personality through numerology

Personality is the most important factor for any human. Nobody is completely positive or negative when it comes to personality. There are also many hidden personality traits that you might have discovered or are yet to discover. 

It is not easy to understand personality traits because we are hiding our negative traits and show a different face to the world. 

Numerology can help us understand our traits, and we can have more opportunities for corrections and adjustments. 

Numerology uses the first name to determine our personality and relationships with people. While it uses the full name for official encounters. 

Calculate your numerology personality number 

Just like the heart’s desire number uses vowels, the personality number uses consonants. You can calculate and understand your personality traits. Let me explain through an example:

  1. Take your full name. For example - Lisa brown 

  1. List down all the consonants. 

  1. The alphabets are assigned to a number in the numerology chart. 

1- A, J, S

2- B, K, T

3- C, L, U

4- D, M, V

5- E, N, W

6- F, O, X

7- G, P, Y 

8- H, Q, Z

9- I, R

  1. The consonants in the above name are: L,s,b,r,w,n. 

  1. Add these consonants according to the value of the chart. L+S+B+R+W+N = 3+1+2+9+5+5 = 25

  1. If the total comes out to be 11, 22, 33, it is considered as the master number. 

  1. In this case, the number is 25. It is reduced to a single number. 2+5=7

Meaning of personality numbers

  1. Number one means the person is ambitious. They are focused and intelligent. Sometimes they are stubborn and have an ego issue. However, they are known to get things done. 

  1. People with number 2 are trustworthy, talented, honest, and are the ones to come with wonderful ideas. They can be your go-to people for advice. 

  1. People with personality number 3 are fortunate. They never miss any opportunity and have a great ability to make good decisions. They are also manipulative and sometimes mean.

  1. People with number 4 are mature, stable, and great leaders. They are sometimes misunderstood but they are not bothered by this. 

  1. People with number 5 take an active part in helping their community. They like traveling and can adapt to many situations. They are also clever.

  1. People with number six are creative naturally. They are good with numbers and are very intelligent. They prefer love rather than war. 

  1. Number 7 are scholars and poets. They live in their dream world but are also good at bringing good people and events into their lives. 

  1. People with number 8 are successful and like working with statistics. 

  1. People with number 9 are charming and confident. They are highly skilled and very influential. 

Personality number 11 - people can go to extreme lengths to hide their shyness. They are very emotional, kind, and gentle. 

Personality number 22 - They are intuitive, creative, hardworking, and practical. They always look for balance in their lives. 

Our circumstances and environment can have a huge effect on our personality. When we come to know our personality number through numerology, it is a chance to bring necessary changes and adjustments in our lives.  

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