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We Developed a Deep Neural Engine That Utilizes Complex Machine Learning Technologies To Show You Your Aura!
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We asked these professionals to review the service and provide an honest opinion

One of Australia’s Most Giving Clairvoyants who has built a 30 year reputation for being ethical, well trusted and respected

I found the information I received to be very well explained and informative. I can see the percentages and levels, some of which need more balancing than others which, gives me a deeper insight as to how I can take the steps in doing just that – finding a happy equilibrium and balance to my energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The information provided I felt was very much in the accuracy of where I would be in my alignments and body/energy given the work I do as a holistic counselor. 

Sheila, an experienced spellcaster, who is also doing Aura and Chakra cleansings and readings

I have tried the Aura Viewer at Unexplainable.com and the results were amazing! I have submitted my latest photo, and in a short time I have received back my detailed Aura report, visually showing how my Aura is looking. They explained about my chakras, and it was spot-on, incredibly accurate! I am amazed by their service, I would be happy to recommend it to my clients as well!

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