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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

All Affiliates are also subject to these Terms and Conditions -->  https://unexplainable.com/terms

Affiliate Commission Structure

Affiliates currently earn between 10% and 90% of all sales they refer within 60 days of the referral being sent. We do not deduct anything from the initial affiliate sale earning. We charge a 15% + $2 fee per withdraw.


We only pay affiliates through Paypal currently. You may submit a withdraw requests 7 days apart from the last withdraw if your affiliate balance is over $25 . We will process your payment within 72 hours from the requested date. 60% of your sale commissions will be paid to you upon withdraw. We retain the other 40% for 30 days from the withdraw date before being released. This is to protect against refunds within the 30 day guarantee. In the event a refund occurs, that commission earned will be deducted from your hold balance or taken from your current balance if all hold balances are exhausted. 

Here is an example: 
You earn $60 from a sale. You now withdraw that $60..  We hold 40% of that withdraw ($24) for 30 days and release the remaining 60% ($36) to you. We deduct a withdraw fee of 15% ($5.40) + $2 per withdraw. Your first payout will be $28.60 to your paypal. After 30 days, you can withdraw the $24 hold balance. The 15% withdraw fee will be deducted leaving you with $20.40. We do not deduct the $2 charge on hold balance withdraws, only on primary withdraws.  When all completed, you would have received $49 total, which is exactly your commission minus 15% + $2 withdraw charge. Any Paypal fees for accepting payment is your responsibility.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Chargebacks

We guarantee all products with a 30 day guarantee. If we end up refunding or offering store credit to the customer, the affiliate sale will be marked as "Refunded". Both the Vendor and Affiliate will lose commission for the sale. Refunded commission will be taken out of your hold balances first, then your current balance once hold balances are exhausted. Affiliates face no other penalties for refunds of chargebacks.

Promotion Guidelines

Promoting via Social Media, Search Engines, Buying Advertising, Mailing lists etc is all fine as long as it's done ethically. You are NOT to spam forums, Send unsolicited emails, send bot traffic, or use any blackhat traffic technique. We will catch you if you attempt to defraud us. Basically, if your promotion technique reflects poorly on the site, we will take action. Pretty straight forward- you play fair, we play fair.

Buying products with your own affiliate link

We do NOT allow affiliates to buy products with their own affiliate link. This is to protect your earnings. What good is it to refer someone who just changed your affiliate link to their own?

Tax Reporting

USA based Vendors and Affiliates who earn more than $600 per year will be required to fill out a W9 and receive a 1099 for tax reporting purposes.  Outside the USA, we require a W8 to be filled out along with a picture of your passport or legal identification. If you are about to reach the $600 mark, we will send you the forms via email before releasing payment. It is your obligation to report your own income taxes.

Cookie Tracking

We Track affiliate referrals with cookies that expire in 60 days. The cookies store in the users browser. We have no control over customers browsers. We can not guarantee users will not clear cookies, use a different computer or device, use incognito mode, or have settings or programs which do not store cookies. We can not offer any guarantee all affiliate sales will be counted.

Mailing List

When registering for an affiliate, you will be automatically added to our affiliate program mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time.