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About Us

Isochronics By: Unexplainable Enterprises

We have been studying and producing brainwave entrainment sessions since 2007. With thousands of satisfied customers over the years, we can guarantee our sessions are top shelf!

Many years were spent evaluating different technologies such as Binaural, Monaural, Direct Frequencies, Bilateral, and Isochronic Tones.  In the past, we offered many subjects with different technologies, ranging from self help to physical appearance. But we now focus all our energy on the absolute best technology (Isochronic Tones). And we only cover the Metaphysical and Spiritual topics.

With so many topics out there, one can only excel if they focus all their energy on a specific topic. There is no way a brainwave producer can fulfill their aspirations to be the best when they take on too many subjects.  We are proud that we are NOT a "Jack of all trades".

If you seek the best brainwave entrainment sessions for serious spiritual work, you are in the right place!  All of the isochronics sold here were produced from years of research and testing, and all are official productions of Unexplainable Enterprises!

Different Vendors

Unexplainable.Com allows outside vendors to also sell their works here. We ensure each product sold is legitimate and worthy. We only carry digital downloads, we do not allow physical products to be sold here. We allow outside vendors because we want to bring all the best experts to one place. There are many great technologies and products out there, so we bring them to you.